Delicious Autumn!

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What an awesome couple of weeks we have had & it has been wonderful to see how much the Jindbayne Yoga Community has grown. The Canberra Yoga Conference was amazing!  Followed by Off the Mat, Movie, Munch & Mingle night in Jindabyne.  To top it off we have even been blessed with some beautiful Autumn sunshine & a new Autumn line of leggings!

As the seasons shift, our bodies move through an organic ebb and flow of change that serves to harmonize and create balance within. These changes are usually influenced by the seasons themselves: hours of daylight, weather, foods available and seasonally inspired activities. 

Although your body will adjust to these changes naturally, I encourage you to combine some simple ideas into your routine to assist in the transition and link yourself more intimately with the season that is upon you.

Yoga can be a fantastic tool! The word “detox” gets thrown around a lot in the wellness community,in Yoga cleansing and detoxing during the changing of the seasons is an essential practice that keeps our bodies healthy and aligned with nature. Since Autumn is all about slowing down, we can take a sign from the season and “detox” the busy, full energy of summer. This doesn’t mean doing anything extreme, but rather intentionally slowing down the mind and nourishing the body through simple meditation practices, pranayama and gentle asanas.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

1. Assist your digestive system. During your Asana practice include some twists to wake up the digestive organs and eliminate waste from the body. Consider some dietary changes, like eating more grounding, warm, easy-to-digest foods.

Half Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

2. Purify your Mental & Emotional Self. Autumn is a cooler, quieter time; it is beneficial to work with the seasonal shift as opposed to against it. Allow yourself more time to relax and unwind by including some gentle restorative poses into your yoga practice. Do you experience cold hands & feet during winter? Gentle and restorative postures are calming to the body, and help to de-stress and soothe the mind will also stimulating the digestive system by reversing the blood flow to the digestive organs, increasing circulation in the feet and legs.

Legs up the Wall (Viparita Karani)


3. Give yourself the gift of Pranayama. As we shift into a slower season, use your breath to slow down and center yourself. Taking a few additional minutes each day for seated meditation with attention to the breath is yet another way to ground yourself,  and to shift your focus internally whilst staying aligned with the earth as it flows into a new season.


Stay tuned for a Nourishing Resorative Yoga Sequence, being posted soon....  That's right I have put it in writing so it WILL happen.

So hum (I am that)


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