How to feel more energised & full of life!


Autumn is here. I love this time of year, cooler mornings & evenings with plenty of time to get outdoors & soak up some Vitamin D.

Last week we spoke about Summer & the need to cool the body down. This week we are moving on to Autumn & the need to reignite your Fire.  Hopefully you are beginning to understand that as the seasons change, our bodies require different types of food & lifestyle factors to stay balanced.

Autumn can be a time of feeling sluggish, drowsy or slightly depressed.  According to Ayurveda, when we experince these symptoms (drowsy, depressed) we are low in Agni (your digestive fire). Agni helps us digest & absorb the nutrients in our food, & to support the cleansing organs, including the skin, liver & kidneys to move to waste out of our body.  However, Agni does more than just this. Our digestion, as well as our immunity, vitality and clarity of miind depend on it.

When you have a healthy appetitie, loads of energy, a high tolerance for the cold weather & a strong defence against colds & flu, your Agni is strong.  When you experince bloating & indigestion, constipation & diarrhea, internal coldness, fatigue & low immunity, or a generalised lack of vitality, your Agni is weak.

When Agni is at a low, you cannot metabolise your food efficiently, leading to a build up of Ama (toxins).

By cleansing your system of Ama, & boosting your metabolism through exercise, Hatha Yoga, Diet & Herbs, your can stregthen your Agni (fire) & be more ealert, energised & full of life!

  • Choose an aerobic exersise that you enjoy & that gets the heart pumping
  • Include a Hatha Yoga practice to your day. Incorporate the following poses into your routine: twisitng poses, forward & backward bends, leg lifts & crunches. Besure to move with the breath, being presnt & surrending to the moment.
  • Focus on a warm nourishing diet. Eat fresh where you can.  Start your day with a warm breakfast & sip ginger tea with your meals.  Avoid iced cold foods at this time of the year.
  • Increase stillness in your day. perhaps give meditation a go!



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