Day 10: You gotta LOVE your morning routine

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Today reflect, and accept that each day your routine may vary a little depending on how you feel.

Some days we won't feel like running a marathon before breakfast and other mornings it may be a breeze.

The aim here is to absolutely LOVE your morning routine or you may risk 'starting out on the right foot.'

Here is an example of mixing it up;

Monday (start of the week) - take it easy. Have a quiet morning, mindful meditation, stretch & warm lemon water.

Tuesday (warming into the week) - Smile. Warm lemon water. Walk or run.

Wednesday (half way there) - Meditate. Warm lemon water. Yoga.

Thursday (need energy) - A few deep breaths. Warm lemon water. Run.

Friday (ahhhh, thank God) - Smile, you are here, there is so much to be grateful for. Go with what feels right for you today & do it with a smile.

I would love to know your thoughts & morning routines.


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