Day 3: Let's Get This Morning Started Right

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"I don't have time to meditate! There is simply not enough time." Sound like you. Or perhpas you haven't even considered meditating. 

If you can't imagine adding another step to your morning try this simple approach. Try 'attaching' your meditation to something you always do, without fail, every single morning. Perhaps brushing your teeth. Be fully present in the moment as you pick up your toothbrush, squeeze out the toothpaste. Keep all other thoughts aside.

Why not make meditation a part of your breakfast. Before diving into breakfast pause for a moment, take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully exhale. Continue the awareness as you eat mindfully, in this moment you can simply bring your awareness back to the taste of your food, the smell of your food, keeping distractions aside. Giving this time, your morning ritual, to yourslef.

A morning meditation will set the pace for your day. A pace that will be more focused, efficient and calm. And by doing it first thing in the morning you can ensure it becomes part of your day.

namaste..Until tomorrow

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  • Dilara on

    I’m not an expert, but I know the key for me was to use my mind like a bug zapepr. The bugs are bad thoughts things you keep letting play over again in your head. The way to zap them is just turn your mind away from them as soon as you notice that you’re thinking them. See, your mind treats every thought as fact and your body reacts as if it were really happening, so you need to stop the bad thoughts and replace them with good ones. I’m feeling sick becomes I feel great!” Even if you feel the affirmation is a lie at first, if you persist in telling yourself you feel good and you don’t think contradictory thoughts, you’re mind and body will respond as if it were true and soon enough, it will be.It’s a matter of mental discipline. Your thoughts produce emotions and emotions generate physical responses.Of course, you may not have any thoughts you can identify that are generating your anxiety, or you are just in such a state of physical reaction that nothing helps. If these are the case, you might have some belief about the world that you learned long ago and it produces fear for you. You may need someone’s help to find out what that belief is and what it is you fear. You may have to make the thought conscious before it can be zapped once and for all.I hope this helps. There are alot of books out there. Most of the ones I have read are some variation on the concept of mental discipline and a bunch even go as far as saying you create or attract the reality you imagine. Whether you buy that or not, I know controlling your thoughts can help. Anxiety is horrible, but it can usually be overcome. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Good luck!!

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