Delicious Autumn!

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How to feel more energised & full of life!


Autumn is here. I love this time of year, cooler mornings & evenings with plenty of time to get outdoors & soak up some Vitamin D. Last week we spoke about Summer & the need to cool the body down. This week we are moving on to Autumn & the need to reignite your Fire.  Hopefully you are beginning to understand that as the seasons change, our bodies require different types of food & lifestyle factors to stay balanced. Autumn can be a time of feeling sluggish, drowsy or slightly depressed.  According to Ayurveda, when we experince these symptoms (drowsy,...

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Day 10: You gotta LOVE your morning routine

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Today reflect, and accept that each day your routine may vary a little depending on how you feel. Some days we won't feel like running a marathon before breakfast and other mornings it may be a breeze. The aim here is to absolutely LOVE your morning routine or you may risk 'starting out on the right foot.' Here is an example of mixing it up; Monday (start of the week) - take it easy. Have a quiet morning, mindful meditation, stretch & warm lemon water. Tuesday (warming into the week) - Smile. Warm lemon water. Walk or run. Wednesday (half...

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Day 9: Hold off on the morning coffee.

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Do you feel like you're not officially awake until you finish that first cup of coffee? You may feel like that morning coffee calms you, but in actual fact it could be the coffee that sets you off in a rush, leaving you stressed amongst the road rage, lucky to take a deep breath of fresh air before spending the rest of your day at work, inside a building. I am not saying avoid coffee all together (although this may be preferable for some), I am suggesting that you take some time before making your morning coffee. Go over the morning rituals...

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Eat something! You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you know how important YOU are, so why do so many people skip breakfast? Eating a healthy breakfast is an essential part of a morning routine.  It speeds up your metabolism, providing you with energy for the day ahead of you. There are so many different options for breakfast. Over the next few days we will go further into breakfast options. For today just start with eating something. Namaste..

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